Get 2 Know Me!


I’ve always been the kind of woman who cannot deny passion. It runs through
my veins and occupies my thoughts. When intimacy is invited to take on a
life of its own something incredible happens. Secret urges rise to the
surface and overwhelm us with sensuality. The epicurean in me tends to find
beauty in even the subtlest of nuances. Though I am stylish at first
glance, you will soon discover another side that is quite natural and
down-to-earth with a zest for good living. Maybe my French heritage lends
to an organic attitude that invites pleasure and erotic attraction. I have
a refreshing way of looking at love without pretense. Why complicate things?

  1. Age
  2. 23
  3. Height

  4.  (5'1)

  5. Weight

  6. (110 LBS)

  7. Hair

  8. Black

  9. Eyes

  10. Hazel

  11. Conversation

  12.  English,